Encuentre una ubicación en su área para el desecho seguro

Take Meds Back is here to keep Coloradans safe and protect our environment. Safely dispose of old medications, like opioids, sedatives, and stimulants, in our secure collection boxes around the state. 

By safely disposing of your medications in a Medication Takeback Dropbox, you safeguard kids and teens from misuse. 

But it gets even better: By not putting old and expired meds down the drain or into the trash, you also preserve Colorado’s precious environment and wildlife!

Join the majority of Coloradans who want to make a positive impact—drop off your unused and expired meds at a Medication Takeback Dropbox!

Find a Location Near Me

Click on the map or links below to find a Medication Takeback Dropbox near you.

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Consulte qué puede y qué no puede llevar

Our program can accept most prescription and over-the-counter medications, whether they are pills, patches, liquids, or ointments. To learn more, visit this page.

Why Should I Dispose of My Old Meds?

Safe disposal safeguards kids, teens, and pets from accidental access and misuse. Flushing meds harms the environment and contaminates water, posing risks to humans and wildlife. Tests often show trace amounts of medications in drinking water, and studies have shown that animals and people have tested positive for prescription medications, even if they have never taken them directly. Even throwing meds in the trash isn’t entirely safe. Using safe disposal programs remains the best option for everyone’s safety. 

Host an Event or Start a Take-Back Box

The state makes it easy to start a take-back program—and even pays for it. You also can work with a local law enforcement agency to sponsor an event. Learn more about becoming a prescription drug take-back partner at CORXConsortium.org.

Download and share our toolkit of posters, fact sheets, and social media graphics. Download them here.