Hello, here is an example page

Changes to CORXconsortium.org #00469e

Let’s change the fonts and headers on the Consortium website so they look like the body font and headers on the TakeMedsSeriously.org sites. It’s an obvious, simple solution.

It looks like the body font is Montserrat 16 px black

Heading 2 — 30 px #00469e

Text text text text

Heading 3 — 26 px #00469e

Text text text text

Heading 4 — 22 px #00469e

Text text text text

Example of other things #00469e

A couple of other things to note.

  • The bullet points on the CORX page
  • Are black, which is good
  • But not like the body text
  • Please make sure they are consisten

also, I like the way that the hyperlinks look, but please make them that shade of blue.